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**** Resident Project Representative (RPR)** needed in New Orleans*** #10179955

New Orleans, Louisiana
**** Resident Project Representative (RPR)** needed in New Orleans***
A. It is the intent of this project to remove and reconstruct the streets specified in the
B. Removal and reconstruction work shall be accomplished in accordance with the
construction documents and shall include but is not limited to the following:
1. Removing existing pavement and excavating to as shown on the plans. Hauling
and legally disposing of existing pavement and surplus materials from the project
2. Constructing new concrete curbs.
3. Constructing Portland cement concrete pavement.
4. Replacing concrete sidewalks and driveway aprons.
5. Constructing concrete handicap ramps at locations shown on the plans.
6. Other work incidental to the project as shown on the plans.
C. The Director reserves the right to reduce, delete or increase the quantity of any item in the
The RPR will be responsible for the following (but is not limited to):
1.Keep a detail daily diary of work being performed.
2.Taking daily progress photos
3.Being well familiar with the requirements of the plans and specifications
4.Tracking Quantities on a daily basis
5.Redlining Plans for As-Built Drawings
6.Being familiar with the FEMA requirements is a PLUS.
7.Be available to work the contractor schedule
8.If contractor have multiple crews, RPR will be responsible for overseeing all crews.
9.RPR must be available for the construction duration of 480 working days.
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