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CDL Recruiter - 10492345

Cleveland, Ohio
A driver recruiter is responsible for recruiting drivers for corporate as well as industrial vehicles.

Specific duties
  • include communicating with employers,
  • knowing about their recruitment needs,
  • visiting job sites to find out about openings for drivers and also applicants,
  • maintaining a database of employers and candidates,
  • making telephone calls to both employers and applicants,
  • using contacts in the automobile and engineering sectors to identify recruitment opportunities,
  • contacting prospects, providing them with assistance in various stages of recruitment,
  • communicating interview schedules, negotiating salaries for drivers,
  • negotiating commissions, following up for commissions,
  • performing other tasks assigned by the supervisor.

A driver recruiter typically reports to a recruiting manager. 
A driver recruiter should have a high school diploma or an associate's degree. Excellent coordination skills and ability to multi-task are important. Relevant experience as a driver recruiter may be helpful.
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