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Senior ROW Director, ROW Acquisition Services - 10791940

Atlanta, GA
Senior ROW Director, ROW Acquisition Services

Senior ROW Director performs tasks of considerable difficulty in the acquisition of property
rights for various real estate projects including transportation, green space, and infrastructure
projects involving the construction of roads, sewer lines, bridges, etc., A degree in real estate or a
related field and/or a minimum of 10 years of general real estate experience with at least 5 years
of demonstrative experience in ROW acquisition project management, including cost estimating,
project scheduling, budgeting, and resource management. Must have experience reading
complex engineering plans for various types of capital improvement projects and a complete
understanding of the ROW acquisition process, from securing title reports to closing or
condemnation. Ideal candidate must have strong leadership, communication and interpersonal
skills, be highly motivated and interested in becoming a long-term team player with a group of
skilled real estate professionals.

Job Duties
1. Inspects assigned project.
a) Reviews right of way plans and construction plans. Determines the complexity and
number of appraisals needed.
b) Ascertains whether property can be required by negotiated settlement.
c) Solicits bids from independent appraisers soon after the inspection.
d) Determines whether specialty reports and/or sign estimates are needed.
e) Assigns staff/ fee appraisers immediately after the contracts are approved. Assigns them
due dates for appraisals. Monitors the completion of this work within required time

2. Negotiates as a final attempt to reach an amicable settlement when the negotiator cannot obtain an
acceptable option. Initiates condemnation proceedings if necessary.
a) Reviews parcel file, sales data, and arranges a meeting with the owner.
b) Meets with the owner, explains the acquisition and construction features to him/her,
and reiterates the Department’s offer to him. Maintains a professional and courteous
c) Negotiates an acceptable settlement that can be documented as in the best interest of
the client. If a counteroffer is unacceptable, explains administrative appeal process, and
forwards the owner a letter within 10 days advising of condemnation.
d) When appropriate, approves, modified options for established limits over fair market
value. Over these limits, forwards recommendations of approval with supporting
documentation to client for review.
e) Documents a summary of the contact in the negotiation records.
f) Writes a counteroffer analysis justifying settlements.
g) Initiates condemnation if necessary by sending the owner notification letter soon after
the contact, and assigning a specialist to obtain a condemnation petition.

3. Trains new employees, and advises and counsels all specialists on the ROW team.

4. Attends and participates in public/ client hearings and meetings.
a) Attends meeting and public hearings and points out pertinent right of way and
construction features to the owners or public officials.
b) Attends field plan review meetings and transition conferences, and makes suggestions
and corrections about matters concerning right of way.
c) Appears at court proceeding as an expert witness in condemnation cases.

5. Performs administrative duties consisting of meetings, interviews, reports, forms, etc.,
a) Prepares and submits current right of way status reports. Submits a certification report
on right of way to client.
b) Directs and approves submission of monthly invoices to clients.
c) Solves problems as they occur on old projects and future projects.

6. Coordinates all acquisition activities on assigned right-of-way projects. Advises and assists Right-OfWay
staff in appraisals and negotiation for purchase of right of way properties.
a) Provides guidance to ROW team member in proper application of appraisal theory and
in interpretation of market data.
b) Coordinates with design section the revisions of right of way plans and construction
plans in order to correct errors or accept special provisions of an option agreement.
c) Submits recommendations on plan revisions to client that will reduce acquisition costs
resulting in an overall savings to the client.

7. Maintain and increases knowledge of appraisal and negotiation methodology and techniques.
a) Demonstrates thorough knowledge of necessary appraisal methodology including cost,
comparison and income approaches to valuation.
b) Demonstrates knowledge of proper negotiation techniques through successful closing of
acquisitions, and minimal property owner complaints.
c) Meets continuing education requirements for maintaining real estate certification.
d) Knowledge of appraisal and negotiation is sufficient to assist other ROW team members
in all major methods.

8. Identifies opportunities for new business and maintains good, working relations with existing clients.
a) Assists with development of marketing and business development plan.
b) Responds in professional manner to client needs and requests.

Job Requirements
 Extensive experience with right of way acquisition process, relocation, Uniform Relocation Act,
condemnation process, real estate appraisal process, cost estimating, project scheduling,
budgeting, and resource management.
 Must be proficient with MS Office
 Must be able to manage multiple projects.
 Must have excellent written and oral communication skills.
 Must have effective interpersonal skills.
 Must possess strong leadership aptitude, be self-driven, and able to think creatively to solve
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