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Delivery driver needed in Charlotte,NC -11929567

Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Full-Time 
  • Will deliver to the 48 states to any city that has a hospital that needs beds.
  • Will be driving a Flatbed or Drive Van. 26’ Van with a lift gate and a 53’ sleeper with a lift gate. (depending on the size of the delivery)
  • Class A
  •  TWIC or any other credentials preferred but not required 
  • Most deliveries are out and back.(larger installments may require  you to be out 3-5 days)
  • Must be familiar with  electronic logging and know how to use a smart phone. 
  • Hourly pay 
  • Monthly expense reimburses hotel fees if a lengthy set up is required.
  • Not  hard job with hard task to complete , it is about being the face of our company when delivering the product and being as helpful as possible.

 Do you think you have what it takes to go  the extra mile to help serve  personnel in the field and satisfy the customer with a product that is in perfect working order and clean. Someone that really cares as we like the idea that we are helping people(nurses and patients) by providing a product that helps them provide better care. IF SO PLEASE APPLY NOW WE WOULD LOVE TO ADD YOU TO THE TEAM!
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