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$300 - $400 per day. Hurricane IDA Emergency Inspections Needed ASAP

New Orleans, LA

$300 - $400 per day. Hurricane IDA Emergency Inspections

This job entails performing site inspections to determine if FEMA trailers can be placed on a site.

You must have reliable transportation. You must be able to do these things. If you can do them, please apply with a resume.

• Identify whether the site has electric service.
• Determine and mark location of electric utilities.
• If the site lacks service, determine the estimated restoration date.
• Determine the source and amperage of the electricity
• Determine whether a temporary power pole is needed.

• Identify the water source and develop a plan for connection.
• Tie in to the existing water supply (MH/PM) or spigot (TT).
• For well water, ensure that the system is operational.
• If applicable, determine whether wells have flooded and if wells must be tested and approved by the Health Department.

• Identify sewer cleanout / where sewer lines can be tapped for access.
• Determine whether the septic system is operational.
• Determine whether the site is on a septic or public sanitary sewer.
• Determine whether the septic has to be inspected or permitted. Gas/Telephone/Cable • Identify all underground utilities to avoid any hazardous Lines situations and/or interruption in service. Tank and Pump
• Ensure that there is adequate space to place the Residential Fire System Sprinkler System's Tank and Pump System in such a way that the Tank and Pump System can be connected to the MHU and that the Residential Fire Sprinkler System functions properly.


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