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CDL / Equipment Motor Operator PD

New Orleans, Louisiana · Transportation/Logistics
This job requires that you pass a drug test. 

This is a job with a federal agency. 


Pay rate is $19 - $22 per hour. 

CDL / Equipment Motor Operator PD


Drive trucks and operates Engineering equipment in connection with Shop Operations and Activities, on both the  District Reservation and on public streets, roads and highways.

1. Drives Crane Truck (Rubber Tire, Mobile Crane, Weighing Approximately 36  tons and have four axles, upper-equipped with a link-belt Hydraulic crane. Retracted boom length of 35-foot extended boom length 85-foot, with 40 ton lifting capacity.) for the purpose of getting the equipment to a job site. Appropriately maneuvering truck at the site as required in connection with the crane operating activities (following verbal, hand and other signals or directions of the crane operator) and as necessary, getting crane with its load from one location to another in connection with the movement of whatever matter constitutes the load to a different area. Able to  shift multiple gear, multiple range transmission. 

Operate D-6 Dozer, front-end Loader/Backhoe Rubber Tire for the purpose of Digging and or filling Trenches; moving, spreading and leveling materials; and loading trucks with such materials as sand shells, earth, etc.. Adjusts attachments for proper level, and angle or depth according to the work being performed and type of attachment being used. Operates predominately on flat terrain and occasionally on gentle slops remaining constantly alert to insure safe operation of equipment. Also operate forklift 30,0000 lbs, 15,000 lbs, and 8,000 lbs capacity used for loading and unloading parts and materials. 50%
2. Drives various types of trucks usually under 10-ton capacity
(e.g. Pick-up Stakebody, Dump, General Cargo and the like and generally having 2 or 4-wheel drives) for the purpose of picking up, delivering and otherwise transporting cargo, equipment materials, supplies and so forth. 40%
3. Makes operating repairs and adjustment, including checking of tires, battery, oil, diesel or gasoline, etc.; and completes driver's trip tickets, preventive maintenance record, accident reports, etc.. May also perform such duties as oiling machinery and cables, scraping and painting  as necessary, etc., on equipment and sandblasting such as 150 ton Derrick Brownlee, Linkbelt Hyd. Crane, Forklifts and Backhoe. 10%

Performs other duties as assigned.


Must be skilled in manipulating vehicle operating = controls and starting, stopping, steering, shifting, etc., as well as any auxiliary equipment normally used in the operation of the vehicle.  Incumbent must be knowledgeable about the length, width weight capacity, turning radius, braking distance, clearance, speed, range, uses, etc., of the various vehicles assigned, and familiar with rules of the road and all safety regulations. In addition, because some vehicles have more than one body and two braking systems, mere skill is required to operate  the vehicle; more difficult judgments are made; and the operator must know how and be skilled at connecting the truck or truck tractor to the trailer or semi-trailer. Must use judgment and knowledge in selecting routes.


The operator follows verbal or written orders of the supervisor or trip ticket indicating the type of vehicle to be operated, destination, purpose of trip and work to be done. Consults with supervisor when unusual problems are encountered. Additionally, the operator determines the route to be followed, taking into consideration clearance of underpasses, alternate bypass routes, etc. Loading, unloading, and responsibility for arranging the cargo are greater because the size and type of the vehicle increases the tendency to sway.


Light physical effort is required in reaching, bending, turning and moving hands, arms, legs, and feel to manipulate vehicle controls. Moderate physical effort is frequently required in handling, effort required in moving cargo up to 50 pounds. Because of the size of the vehicle operated, more effort is required in operating those equipped with two braking systems.


Work is performed out of doors under all types of weather conditions. Drives in all types of traffic and is exposed to the possibility of serious accidents. The operator is subject to cuts, bruises, broken bones, and other injuries resulting from driving or work accidents. Incumbent is also exposed to all of the hazards inherent in operating motor vehicles on and off public roads.

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