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Concrete - Paving Supervisor with DOTD Experience: 8750945

New Orleans, LA · Construction/Facilities
Concrete-Paving Supervisor with DOTD Experience.

We are seeking an experienced Concrete-Paving Supervisor with Road Work DOTD Experience. 

Supervises and coordinates activities of work crews engaged in preparing and applying concrete for fabricating, covering, and reinforcing structures, including buildings, bridges, highways.

Oversees workers who place forms for molding concrete, install reinforcing steel, and convey, pour, finish, and cure concrete. 

Reads specification sheets for information, such as sizes of aggregates and proportions of cement and water required, to ensure that concrete is mixed according to specifications.

Inspects bracing and shoring of concrete forms to ensure their stability before and during pouring. 

Indicates positions for pouring chutes and runways, cranes, or paving machines to facilitate conveying concrete from mixer to forms. 

Trains new workers. Directs workers who spread, vibrate, screed, and float concrete to ensure that concrete is compacted to desired consistency and surface is finished to specified uniformity and smoothness. 

Examines concrete, after forms are stripped, and gives instruction to workers to repair defects, such as roughness and honeycombed appearance. Prescribes methods for curing concrete, such as covering surface of green (fresh) concrete with burlap, plastic, earth, straw, or chemical compound, to prevent green concrete from drying out rapidly or freezing.

Supervises workers engaged in spraying cement mortar or concrete to cover exposed earth, masonry, and steel surfaces and forcing grout (thin mixture of sand, cement, and water) into drilled holes, spaces between foundations and surrounding earth, and fissures in rock foundations, to reinforce structures. 

Records data, such as time spent on various phases of job and yardage and distribution of concrete poured. 

May collect samples of each concrete mix for laboratory analysis. 

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