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Janitor - 9055422

New Orlean, LA
Building and Grounds maintenance
·         Supervise regular maintenance services and major repairs
·         Ensure maintenance checks are scheduled and occur
·         Manage all maintenance contracts such as elevator service, gardener & lawn services, recycling and sanitation
·         Routine beautification of grounds, patio, balcony and parking lot on premises
o   Sweep front porch and curb of trash
o   Pull trash cans and recycling bins to street according to pick up schedules
o   Clean/sweep balcony and patio
o   Pick up trash and debris in parking lot area
·         Perform general repairs
o   Light carpentry and painting when necessary
o   Change out and install A/C filters,
o   Plumbing and minor electrical work when necessary
o   Change light bulbs           
·         Occasional pressure washing
Cleaning and Janitorial servicing:
·            Create and maintain a cleaning schedule for the building
    Janitorial work covers all offices and community areas with the following duties and tasks:
All offices: Dust, mop, sweep and empty trash and recycling bins • Bathrooms: clean mirrors, sinks and counters, sweep, mop, restock paper towels, toilet paper, soap dispenses, dust, and empty trash bins •  Meeting rooms: wipe down tabletops, floor boards, window sills, mop and sweep • Breakroom and kitchen: clean tables and chairs, counters, mop and sweep, wipe and polish appliances, upload dishwasher and clean refrigerator • Copy Room: empty recycling bin and sweep: • Stairways and foyer: wipe down floor boards sweep and mop • Air vents: dusted and change filters • Windows: clean interior andexterior glass • Elevators: sweep, mop and wiped down • Trash: place in receptacles • Ash trays: emptied weekly

10$ 7am-11am.
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