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Construction Inspector - 9069435

Atlanta, GA
Job Title/ Classification:
Construction Inspector: The Construction Inspector performs a broad cross-section of complex technical and administrative activities requiring extensive experience and specialization in Quality Control and Quality Assurance inspection of civil/structural construction work. Incumbent will work out of Client’s office. Job Location: Atlanta GA Job Description: Inspector will perform any of the following activities: 
Research requirements for structural design projects and prepare agency permit submittals. 
Reviews applicable standards and project contract documents and inspects in-place facilities and on-going construction activities to monitor compliance. 
On a daily basis, monitor and record all work performed by the contractor and prepare a comprehensive Daily Report with measurement of daily quantities completed and resources utilized. 
Provides general inspection on all contractor and subcontractor work to assure a safe and workmanlike operation. 
Identify and record any construction issues potentially resulting in a scope, time or cost impact to the work which may result in a change to the contract; call these issues to the Construction Manger’s attention and provide support as requested to analyze and resolve them. 
Document the contractor’s daily compliance and noncompliance with established quality control and quality assurance procedures. Monitor the contractor’s compliance with contractual safety requirements, and document and report deviations from those requirements. 
Performs and/or evaluates civil and structural tests and inspections such as soil compaction, moisture content, gradation, concrete slump, air entrainment, concrete compression, line and grade surveys, bolt torque, and concrete coring, if necessary. 
Monitors and/or evaluates destructive and non-destructive tests on structural materials (i.e. magnaflux, die-penetrant, and radiographic). Confirms proper documentation of welder qualification testing such as tension, bend, and radiographic in accordance with AWS. 
Performs inspection of underground piping system installations including tightness, bedding, and grade. Observes hydrostatic testing and other method of verification as specified. 
Field checks placement/location of supports, reinforcing steel, embeds, anchor bolts, forming system, shoring, and sub-base material, cleanliness before placement of concrete. Monitors removal of formwork and shoring systems. 
Performs continuing inspection of structural protective coatings to ensure thickness and coverage. 
Verifies foundation and structural coordinates and elevations. Capable of surveying and using survey equipment to verify correct location and elevations of installation. 
Continuously monitors Contractor/Subs’ compliance with approved Quality Control Plan. Makes recommendations for improvements to standard QC provisions as they apply in the field. Maintains current approval log and assures compliance with approved submittals. Maintains daily and periodic documentation, keeps quantity measurements on a regular basis and transfer them to monthly pay estimates, follows progress thru approved CPM. 
Participate as an active member of project team and be able to work independently.

Job Qualifications:
Either a Bachelors or Associates degree from an accredited college or university in an appropriate technical field and a minimum of 12 years of directly related field experience is required. Extensive field experience can be substituted for the degree requirement. Successful candidate will have served as Construction Inspector on at least 2 projects for the construction of water mains, sanitary sewers, tunnels, water or wastewater treatment plant modifications or water or wastewater pumping stations with a combined construction value of not less than $ 20 million or 2 projects for the construction of sidewalks, streetscapes, intersection improvements or bridge and/or roadway improvements with responsibility for inspecting work for conformance with plans and specifications and maintaining daily Inspector reports or comparable tasks municipal building and site construction of behalf of a public client. Salary Commensurate with Experience.
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