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IronWorker / Rodbuster- #9138287

Pooler, GA · Construction/Facilities
Iron Worker / Rodbuster for work in Pooler , Ga.

Determine quantities, sizes, shapes, and locations of reinforcing rods from blueprints, sketches, or oral instructions.
Review blueprints or specifications to determine work requirements.

Space and fasten together rods in forms according to blueprints, using wire and pliers.

Install fencing or other barriers.
Position structural components.

Position and secure steel bars, rods, cables, or mesh in concrete forms, using fasteners, rod-bending machines, blowtorches, or hand tools.

Install metal structural components.
Position structural components.

Cut rods to required lengths, using metal shears, hacksaws, bar cutters, or acetylene torches.
Cut metal components for installation.
Place blocks under rebar to hold the bars off the deck when reinforcing floors.
Position safety or support equipment.

Cut and fit wire mesh or fabric, using hooked rods, and position fabric or mesh in concrete to reinforce concrete.
Cut metal components for installation.
Position structural components.

Bend steel rods with hand tools or rodbending machines and weld them with arc-welding equipment.
Weld metal components.

Build and install iron or steel girders, columns, and other construction materials to form buildings, bridges, and other structures.
Cut, position, and bolt down steel bars to reinforce concrete.
Repair older infrastructure.
Make, weld, and cut structural metal in fabricating shops.
Erect steel frames.
Direct operation of cranes to move structural steel, reinforcing bars, and other materials onto and around the construction site.
Connect steel columns, beams, and girders.
Drill holes into steel for bolts.
Number steel according to assembly instructions.
Unload and stack steel.
Attach cables to steel and then to the crane.
Hoist steel into place in the framework.
Position steel with connecting bars and spud wrenches.
Work with driftpins to align the holes in the steel with the framework holes.
Use plumb bobs, levels, and laser equipment to check alignment.
Bolt or weld piece into place.
Set reinforcing bars into forms to hold concrete.
Fasten bars together with wire.
Place spacers under rebar to lift bars off deck.
Cut bars with metal shears and torches.
Reinforce concrete with welded wire fabric.
Substitute cables for rebar.
Tighten cables with jacking equipment.
Install stairs, handrails, or curtain walls.
Make sure all pieces are fitted properly and complete repairs as necessary.

Call / text Project Manager Marlon at 504-317-6849.
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